Biomechanics & Muscolskeletal Assessment

Foot Soul Podiatry delve into the world of foot biomechanics to provide diverse care. Our dedicated team specializes in foot biomechanics and podiatry biomechanics, offering expert solutions to address a wide array of concerns related to your musculoskeletal system. Understanding the role of biomechanics in your overall health is vital. Our practitioners utilize advanced techniques to analyze your gait, posture, and skeletal structure, making them able to a precise assessment.

A thorough musculoskeletal assessment is crucial in pointing out a potential issues.

Foot Biomechanics

Personalized Treatment Plans:

We tailor a personalized treatment plan, integrating ideas of biomechanics to enhance your overall movement and reduce discomfort.
At our facility, we point out the connection between biomechanics and musculo-skeletal assessment, how one impacts the other. Our experts employ state of the art technology and their vast knowledge in foot biomechanics. Ensuring a precise diagnosis.
So, by combining the science of biomechanics with the art of musculoskeletal analysis, we strive to offer you the best solutions for your specific needs. Whether it’s addressing any concerns or potential issues, our approach is around your well being and comfort.

Foot Biomechanics & Muscolskeletal Assessment: 

Whether you have foot, ankle or knee. We assess paediatric patients for parents concerned or simply notice anything odd about your own or child’s feet while walking we can assess your lower limb and find the cause at Foot Soul Podiatry.

We will analyze your gait whilst walking for any triggers of inflammation or causing your foot pain. We identify and assess each muscle tendon, joint and ligament to ensure your feet are reaching the ground. For eg. We assess Paediatric patients for patients concerned with painful flat feet or an elderly patient with foot ankle pain causing reduced mobility and any minor sports soft tissue injuries that are acute.

At this appointment we will assess the anatomy of your feet and your gait (walking) to understand the strength and weaknesses and connects this with the pain you may be in. This aids our diagnosis, and we then construct a rehab exercise programmed in addition to constructing a prescription of orthotics my measuring your feet if required. It is also important you bring all footwear that you would wear in your daily activities to your appointment as this also relates to your treatment plan moving forward.

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing during your assessment and if possible, a pair of shorts or trousers. So, the trousers should be able to expose your knees during assessment

Biomechanics Treatment

  • Pes planus (flat feet)
  • Plantar Faciopathy (soft tissue pain)
  • Osteoarthritis (joint pain)