Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery By Foot Soul Podiatry

There can be a number of reasons for a minor operation called nail surgery to remove part of or the entirety of a nail. With our extensive and patient-centred care and training in local anaesthetic and post-op care we are able to offer this at Foot Soul Podiatry.

During assessment at your foot health check or if you request an emergency appointment due to an infected, painful ingrown toenail we will assess your suitability for nail surgery. Furthermore, if required provide a consultation.

We can answer any concerns or questions regarding the procedure and if appropriate will book your nail surgery appointment.

We follow-up all our procedures post-op to ensure efficient healing. Other than that, we also provide an on-call service for our patients. Also, to keep in contact by email/phone to address any worries or concerns until healing is complete.

we offer one of the finest nail surgeries in Edinburgh. So, If you are looking for nail surgery in Edinburgh do not hesitate to contact Foot Soul Podiatry today.