Routine Appointment

Standard Routine Appointment

This will take no more than 30 mins in your standard appointment time and we will follow-up with an advisory management plan if required and make sure you understand the health of your feet. We can discuss either how things can be improved to tackle and foot problems you have and even discuss preventative measures. Finally, if your feet are in great health we will advice you on factors to continue and keep an eye on for the future. This assessment is also very useful for our diabetic and rheumatoid patients.

Additionally, we will also offer a standard routine treatment in your first appointment. If there are any pathological presentations in your skin, nails or foot health check that require further treatment we can extend your appointment to accommodate this. 

Treatment examples: Routine podiatry (Nail cut, Helloma Durum (corn), Helloma Milarie (seed corns), Any other lesion assessment (Verrucca).

Extended Routine Appointment

We understand every patient has their own individual needs whether that be personal or medical. At Foot Soul Podiatry there are no concerns in having an appointment time slot that suits the time your require. For eg. If you have poor mobility or your treatment is extensive and requires additional time. The podiatrist will discuss this at your appointment and recommend extra time to ensure you receive the treatment required. Medical examples: Local Anaesthetic use for painful lesions and Onychocryptosis (painful Ingrown toenail), Hyperkeratosis (excess skin plaques) Personal Examples: No limit