Podiatry Services & Treatments

At Foot Soul Podiatry we pride ourself in providing a high standard of care at your appointment.

Foot Health Check

We will offer a free beneficial foot health check for every new patient including young, middle-aged and elderly patients. This will involve checking numerous factors which we have summed up for you below with our specialised acronym:

  • C- Circulation 
  • H- Health of skin and nails
  • E- Evaluating your foot sensation level by assessing the nerves 
  • C- Corns and/or callous inspection
  • K- Keeping fit (Joints, Muscle and Tendon exam)

Standard Routine Appointment

This will take no more than 30 mins in your standard appointment time and we will follow-up with an advisory management plan if required and make sure you understand the health of your feet. We can discuss either how things can be improved to tackle and foot problems you have and even discuss preventative measures. Finally, if your feet are in great health we will advice you on factors to continue and keep an eye on for the future. This assessment is also very useful for our diabetic and rheumatoid patients.

Additionally, we will also offer a standard routine treatment in your first appointment. If there are any pathological presentations in your skin, nails or foot health check that require further treatment we can extend your appointment to accommodate this. 

Treatment examples: Routine podiatry (Nail cut, Helloma Durum (corn), Helloma Milarie (seed corns), Any other lesion assessment (Verrucca).

Extended Routine Appointment

We understand every patient has their own individual needs whether that be personal or medical. At Foot Soul Podiatry there are no concerns in having an appointment time slot that suits the time your require. For eg. If you have poor mobility or your treatment is extensive and requires additional time. The podiatrist will discuss this at your appointment and recommend extra time to ensure you receive the treatment required. Medical examples: Local Anaesthetic use for painful lesions and Onychocryptosis (painful Ingrown toenail), Hyperkeratosis (excess skin plaques) Personal Examples: No limit

Muscolskeletal Assessment/Orthotics/

Whether you have foot/ankle or knee pain preventing you from activities or simply notice something odd about your own or children’s feet while walking we can assess your lower limb and find the cause at Foot Soul Podiatry. We will analyse your gait whilst walking for any triggers exacerbating or causing your foot pain. We identify and assess each muscle tendon, joint and ligament to ensure your feet are contacting the ground appropriately. For eg. We assess Paediatric patients for patients concerned with painful flat feet or an elderly patient with foot/ankle pain causing reduced mobility and any minor sports/soft tissue injuries that are acute.

At this appointment we will assess the anatomy of your feet and your gait (walking) to understand the strength and weaknesses and associate this with the pain you may be in. This aids our diagnosis and we then construct a rehab exercise programme in addition to constructing a prescription of orthotics my measuring your feet if required. It is also important you bring all footwear that you would wear in your daily activities to your appointment as this also correlates to your treatment plan moving forward. 

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing during your assessment and if possible a pair of shorts or trousers that are able to expose your knees during assessment. 

Treatment examples: Pes planus (flat feet), Plantar Faciopathy (soft tissue pain), Osteoarthritis (joint pain) 

Nail Surgery

There can be a number of reasons a nail may need to be operated on to be removed and with our extensive training in local anaesthetic and surgery we are able to offer this at Foot Soul Podiatry During assessment at your foot health check or if you request an emergency appointment due to an infected, painful ingrown toe nail we will assess your suitability for nail surgery and if required provide a consultation. We can answer any concerns or questions regarding the procedure and if appropriate will book your nail surgery appointment. We can also remove your nail for aesthetic purposes due to your own personal preferences. We follow-up all our procedures post-op to ensure efficient healing and also provide an on call service for our patients to keep in contact by email/phone to address any worries or concerns until healing is complete.

Aesthetic Podiatry

Medical Pedicure

We can combine a routine podiatry appointment with our aesthetic nail reconstruction and also offer a gel polish to complete the treatment and have your feet medically and visually fit.

Verruca Treatment

Verruca, commonly referred to as a wart, is a small, non-cancerous skin growth caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). These warts often appear on the hands, feet, or other parts of the body. They are characterized by their rough texture and can be either flat or raised. Verrucas are highly contagious and can spread through direct contact or by touching surfaces that have come into contact with an infected person. While they are usually harmless and resolve on their own, some individuals may seek treatment due to discomfort or cosmetic reasons. Common treatments for verruca include over-the-counter medications, cryotherapy, laser therapy, or surgical removal. If you’re looking for effective verruca treatments or ways to prevent their spread, consult a qualified podiatrists for personalized advice.”

Nail Reconstruction

Toeflex hybrid gel system for toenails is the latest development in nail technology from Germany to be used on patients that have damaged, split, thickened or fungal nails. The gel is combined of both gel and acrylic to provide a revolutionary system to construct your nail. This system is better than any other on the market due to its flawless and strong finish and we are pleased to offer it here at Foot Soul Podiatry. We would also like to re-assure you toeflex is natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly. It is also safe and manufactured to the latest cosmetics directives. 

We can construct a custom nail on either your full nail, partial nail or even straight on your skin. The nail will look and feel just like your own nail and we will cut and file it to your shaped preference.

Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail is reference to a nail that grows into the skin of your toe. This pathology can be due to your nails being prone to grow this way or they may have been cut incorrectly to cause it to in-grow. There can also be infection at the site if the area is left untreated for a long period of time. We will then supply you with antibiotics if after assessment we feel this is required.   We will then decide a management plan to prevent this issue from arising again and can discuss treatment options moving forward.   Finally, if you have an ingrown toenail that is incredibly painful to treat we can use local anaesthetic to numb your toe and remove the nail spur pain-free.

Diabetic Assessment

It is imperative you take care of your feet professionally if you are Type I or Type II diabetic as the physiology of the disease can have a direct impact on your feet. At Foot Soul Podiatry we have highly skilled Podiatrist’s that can assess your feet and risk category if you are diabetic alongside your routine care.

Emergency Appointment

We promise to always be contactable by phone or email and if appropriate can offer an emergency clinic appointment to assess your needs.